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We firmly believe in the importance of helping others.  With our help and support we hope we can make a difference.

A friend and colleague was very seriously inured in a motor accident, the extent of his injuries left him a Tetraplegic, with little or no use of all of his limbs.  We do have his permission to use his details but to protect his full identity we’ll just call him Tom.

We did everything we could to help Tom in his rehabilitation.  Very understandably he had major hurdles to overcome both mentally and physically.  We helped play a major part in fundraising and organising a sponsored parachute jump to raise funds and provide a specialist wheelchair for him.

More recently Tom wanted to regain some independence by moving out of his care establishment and into his own home.  During the move-in period, there was an attempted break-in at his property.  He turned to us for help, asking about CCTV to give him extra security.  So we organised a CCTV system to monitor and record activity around his property.

He now has the ability to view live and recorded CCTV video footage on his TV as well as his “Command Centre”. For added peace of mind we gave him the facility to remotely view his property, via his iPad and smartphone, whilst away from home.  We are also able to access his system remotely to carry out any adjustments for him and check on it’s status.

Tom has always been an avid movie and music lover, so we provided him up with a wireless media player and more recently a high quality home cinema surround sound system to fully enhance his home media entertainment.

It has been and always remains an absolute pleasure to assist Tom with our experience and expertise and to help make his life a little more comfortable and secure.  We sincerely wish Tom all the very best for the future.